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Reclaimed Wood Meets the Corporate Environment

Posted by Reuven Goodman on Jun 2, 2017 10:03:00 AM
Reuven Goodman



The reclaimed wood conference table at Philanthropy Roundtable give beauty and history to the room. These reclaimed wood tables are from trees harvested over a hundred years ago. This wood was grown in the Pacific Northwest at the end of the 19th century. As the American railroad grew, lumber from the Northwest made its way to Midwestern farming towns where it became barns and other structures. The wood for these tables was part of that migration, and it stood in Midwestern barns for nearly a century.

After decades of weather in these midwestern towns, these wooden structures were ready to be retired. Even though the structures had grown old, the wood remained as strong as ever. In fact, the weathering process may have even made the wood stronger than before.


Purgistics is excited to be using reclaimed wood conference tables, reclaimed wood break room tables, and reclaimed wood desks made from this historic wood. Purgistics is working together with Urban Wood Goods to bring this reclaimed wood office furniture to DC and Baltimore.


Urban Wood Goods 


Urban Wood Goods was started in Chicago when owner and form art teacher Erin True had a hard time finding a teaching job. An article on recycling and repurposing inspired her to visit a barn deconstruction site to reclaim wood for use as a bench in her home. From that experience, Erin fell in love with reclaiming truckloads of century-old wood to create an eco-friendly furniture manufacturing business. The company now produces complete lines of home and office furniture from reclaimed hardwood. Purgistics is proud to be the first furniture company to offer reclaimed wood office furniture from Urban Wood Goods to the DC and Baltimore markets.


Why Use Reclaimed Wood Office Furniture?

Reclaimed wood has character, strength and a beauty that does not exist in younger woods. It's also better for the environment. Reclaiming wood saves it wood from filling landfills and reduces the need for felling more trees to produces wood furniture. We think there is also something unique and worthwhile about selling furniture that has a history in addition to looking great and lasting a very, very long time.


Interested in Using Reclaimed Wood Office Furniture in Your Next Project?

Purgistics is happy to help find you the best furniture for your office project. We are proud to work with Urban Wood Goods and a large portfolio of vendors and manufacturers who provide exceptional quality and value in office furniture.





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