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Has DC Office Furniture Gone Mad?

Posted by Ari Lerner on Jul 25, 2017 1:33:36 PM
Ari Lerner

The Power of Mid-Twentieth Century Furniture in the New Millenium

Why is Mid-century modern on its way into the middle of the next century? As originally conceived, Mid-century modern was intended to conjure up nature. Using generous windows and open floor plans, the arrangement is organic. The natural essence is especially good for evoking a residential energy. You might think Mid-century modern is more outdated as years pass, but the opposite is happening.


As advancements drive mobile technology, wi-fi enables employers to give additional freedom outside the office. Instead of being at a desk, you might find an employee in a lounge area. Mid-century modern is ideally tailored for a nice, laid-back atmosphere. The space is effective as a comfortable hub for personal matters like a family member or a doctor. Even if you’re not at home, Mid-century evokes it. If the description is a little too romantic, bear in mind Mid-century is valued as much for its utilitarian philosophy as for any ideal application. The originators, from Eero Saarinen and Florence Knoll to Charles and Ray Eames, wanted it to address needs of average American families. If you are a fan of the movement, you admire wallpaper. If you live in it, you are among “Generation Wallpaper.”



Mid-century Comfort Decor

The main reason Mid-century modern is around is it fulfills a need. Aesthetically, it is timeless––minimalist and functional. It is intended for a lot of ways it is currently used. Fads often come and go; a function comes and goes––like a wave. Patrick Parrish infers, “It’s like camouflage: It’s been the new cool thing five times in the last 50 years.” When you combine fashion and function, you have a phenomenon.




Mid-Century Madness and AMC's Mad Men

In 2007, AMC premiered a show called Mad Men. Regardless of when you were born, the show is an engrossing look into the life of an 1950's ad executive as he manages his personal demons.

The level of detail in Mad Men is the most immersive thing about the show, and that says a lot. This is a show that won four Emmys for drama and is still better known for production. The scenery doesn’t just give the story character––it is a character. You’d be forgiven for momentarily feeling as though you’re looking through a window into that time and not just a window into Don Draper.

The show was hugely popular and its aesthetic is familiar even to those who never watched it. Outside of clothing and architecture, we have seen a lot of Mid-century modern in our business. Even in 2017, two years after Mad Men ended, designers are inspired by the organic flavor of its interior design.



Mid-century Modern at Neocon 2017

If you were at NeoCon, you saw a healthy dose of mid-century - think JSI Bourne Series. If you weren't just look up social media for the the most recent NeoCon . Ironically, the first NeoCon was in 1971, just two years after the fictional date of Mad Men’s final episode.

A style is en vogue until it runs its course. The Mid-century course longer than most, and it’s a course a lot of people seem to run more than once. Who can blame you for sticking with and sticking up for something if it works?

Image Credits: 

Top image of mid-century office chairs, small meeting table, filing cabinet and shelf
from JSI Bourne Collection:

Middle Image 
From Mad Men Set Design

Bottom Image
Taken from the JSIfurniture booth at Neocon (


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