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Posted by Ari Lerner on Jul 6, 2017 11:55:22 AM
Ari Lerner

$16 / Square Foot is Enough to Furnish a DC Office with Attractive, Comfortable, and Durable Office Furniture

Purgistics is bringing new brands and creative thinking to DC and Baltimore area offices. We have begun to introduce manufacturers with proven reputations and long histories in markets typically outside our region. You may not have heard of them yet, but they offer uncompromising quality and design at a lower cost than popular manufacturers like Haworth and Steelcase. And slowly but surely theirs are becoming household (or Officehold - for that matter) names. We spend a tremendous amount of time doing research, trying and testing, and even travelling to manufacturing plants, to reallly gain an understanding of the nature of the products. Many of these companies, not unlike ours, have been around for a couple of decades and are just coming into their own. For some, we provide an entrĂ©e into spaces involving designers and architects, in the DC metropolis. By utilizing our knowledge of these manufacturers, and leveraging our position in the marketplace, we are often able to furnish entire offices on budgets originally thought to be only for discount or refurbished furniture.NASFAA-ADJUSTED-STANDING-CUBES-821741-edited.jpg 

75% Workspaces and Offices / 25% Ancillary Products

"Offices in Washington expect to get design, durability, comfort and warranty from their office furniture." said Roger Sola-Sole, Partner and Studio Director of DC Architecture firm OTJ. Roger went on to say, "Purgistics is impressive in the quality they can deliver at the price point they're on. 


Roger explains that architecture plans and costs are based on the rentable square footage of a space. Prices for furnishing these spaces usually ranges between $20 - $35 / square foot. Non-profits or other organizations with tight budgets might allot $18-$20 / square foot for furniture. Ordinarily 75% of this budget is allocated to workspaces and offices. The remaining 25% of the budget is allocated to things like break room furniture and other ancillary products.  When Purgistics offers high quality and design workspace and office furniture for less money, it frees up more money for ancillary products that enhance the office enviroment. 


Good Taste and Good Value

Lucia Hedke, Senior Vice President at Cresa DC, shared that Purgistics can accommodate expensive taste at products with lower prices. Purgistics has relationships with vendors who are lesser known in DC and they are proactive in finding manufacturers other DC furniture companies aren't too familiar with or conflict with their flagship offerings. It is these relationships along with a lower overhead that enables Purgisitics to deliver attractive products below the prices of other furniture providers.


Exceptional Customer Service is the Norm at Purgistics

Moving and scaling offices is often a lot more complicated than organizations expect. There are often many vendors that must be contacted and coordinated to make a successful move. Value in furniture has to extend beyond the actual cost of the product. Exceptional customer service in the selection, delivery, and installation is a crucial part of the value that Purgistics provides.


We are definitely not the 'Crazy Eddies' of office furniture. And we don't run around saying that we will beat any price on any product. It just so happens that our business model allows us to be very competitively priced. Mind you, this does not detract one iota from our obsession with ensuring a great outcome of each project and the complete satisfaction of the end-user. 

"Ari and Reuven get to know all of the vendors involved. They don't just understand the furniture, they understand the move and they make themselves available to help with everything that goes on with it." - Lucia Hedke, Senior Vice President at Cresa DC,



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