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ChaiLifeline's Bike4Chai Premier Cycling Event 2017

Posted by Ari Lerner on Jul 14, 2017 1:56:11 PM
Ari Lerner

Reuven-Gavi.jpgWhen a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, there is no "magic cure" that anyone can provide to make it disappear. A diagnosis like this is inevitably followed by weeks, months and even years of intense medical treatments and emotional grief. However, there are ways to make the ordeal just a little bit easier, and ChaiLifeline does just that.

ChaiLifeline is an organization that provides encouragement and assistance to children with serious illnesses and their families. ChaiLifeline is committed to creating good memories, fun times and constant emotional and financial support during trying times through activities, trips, other services and their two-week Camp Simcha, the "ultimate camp experience" which gives these brave kids "renewed hope, determination, and the thrill of simply being a  child rather than a patient." The name "Simcha" means "joy" in Hebrew, which sums up what the camp, and ChaiLifeline in general, is all about.

Bike4Chai is fundraising event run by ChaiLifeline. In the early morning of Wednesday, August 14  500 cyclists will embark on a two-day, 180- mile journey from Stanford, Connecticut towards the finish line at Camp Simcha, where they will be joyously greeted by the campers and staff.

This year, my business partner Reuven Goodman and his son Gavi will be participating in this memorable event. Because all of ChaiLifeline's programs and support are operated at absolutely no cost to the families, they need YOUR help to provide these children with what they need!

Cyclists must commit to raising at least $5,000 when they register for the race, and many raise even more. All donations will directly benefit the kids at ChaiLifeline and Camp Simcha.

By donating, you can spread hope to a child who needs just that. Even a small donation goes a long way, and shows your support for Reuven and Gavi's efforts.

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