Office Furniture Sales in DC and Baltimore

Our Goal: To provide our customers with an excellent office furniture buying experience.

Who We are

We are experienced, passionate, corporate furniture experts, whose only goal is to provide the best information, service, products and support to our customers.

What We Do

Over the years, Purgistics has proven to be an outstanding corporate office furniture supplier. Our strong relationships are built on listening to, educating and working together with our customers to achieve their desired outcome. We live by the credo that every customer is always important, and that no single sale is ever more important than a relationship.

Our Customers

Through a consistent and continued commitment to our customer’s total satisfaction, Purgistics now provides furniture to several Fortune 500 companies to both local and national locations. But don’t think that just because we have a bunch of big name companies listed as customers that we are somehow snooty and will make you feel that it is your privilege to do business with us. Quite the opposite in fact. We love working with any good folks that are just looking for a genuinely better furniture buying experience. Whether you are a small outfit moving into a couple thousand square feet or a large corporation with multiple locations, we treat all of our customers the way we, ourselves, would want to be treated.

Our History

In the late 1990’s, Reuven Goodman began Purgistics (Purchasing and Logistics). His new company provided a turnkey solution, including furniture, for businesses expanding or moving into new spaces.

As time went on, Reuven had a hard time understanding why cubicles and office furniture were so expensive and he set out to find products that were high quality without being outrageously priced.

In doing so, Purgistics let go of its other services and became 100% focused on providing affordable, quality office furniture and cubicles.

In 2007 Ari Lerner, a former not-for-profit executive, joined Purgistics. As the company’s product offering continued to grow it became clear that finding the right manufacturers turned out to be only half the battle; they soon realized that one of the reasons people continued to purchase expensive furniture from the ‘Big Dealers’ was that cubicles seemed complicated and required design and planning beyond typical purchases. So not only were customers paying for expensive furniture but also for additional design fees.

Determined to introduce change to an inflexible industry, Purgistics invested in furniture design software and hired in-house specialists specifically to work with customers on options, planning and budgeting as a service to our customers, not at an additional cost, simply to allow for proper planning and space design.

Finally, recognizing that an investment in furniture is only as good as it is assembled and installed, Purgistics employs some of the most sought-after installers in the industry. Their installers are certified in nearly every system and are as professional and courteous as they come.

Purgistics has become a resource for companies that need new furniture but don’t want to spend a fortune.